eBooks: 77 mistakes to avoid when writing an eBook

When you work without a plan, you will encounter time-wasting problems that delay the eBook and often result in an eBook that is never ready to be published. When you follow the plan in this eBook, you cam focus on one task at a time so you won’t be overwhelmed by the scope of the entire project. You will only spend money only when needed to complete the current task. And, you will only invest time learning new skills when they are needed to complete the current task.

Also, working on one task at a time means avoiding common problems means a string of successes instead of failures. In addition, if you fail at some task, you will know what kind of expert you need to find to resolve the current problem.

Ebooks: Secrets To Getting Ahead (Indie Authors Guide Book 1)

If it’s your goal to become a self-published writer, this guide will walk you through every step of the publishing process. Whether you’re a first timer or have already put out an e-book or two, you will learn the tricks of the trade to make sure your books are in the best position to be found by readers.

You’ll Learn Inside:

Getting Started

Is Time on Your Side?

Using Microsoft Word

Pick a Topic



Rough Draft


Create a Landing Page

Ebook Cover


Promote Your Work

10 Proven Tips to Help You on Your Journey

Writing Checklist

Questions You May Ask Yourself

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Writing ebooks

Different types of ebooks are available on internet. There are many devices through which ebooks could be read. Many sites are providing ebooks for free. Many ebooks are providing information on different topics. Some ebooks are written in the form of series. These are provided for free as the first part and there is a small price for the second part.

Ebooks are written with copyright protection and it is not allowed to copy the ebooks and publish it as own without the permission of the author. Many professionals are writing ebooks and selling the copyrights for others so that they can get paid once.

Write eBooks: Make Money-The No-Fear Guide to Writing Your Own Money-Spinning eBook

Why should you read this book? To make money of course. Writing an ebook is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the internet.
But what if the thought of writing fills you with fear, dread, or panic? You are not alone. And that’s why I wrote this book.
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