Write an eBook in 14 Days

“He delivered on his promise. I have three books in print and another well on its way, so I have read a lot on how to write, edit, publish and market a book. This was the most concise piece, and the most helpful I have seen.”

“Great concept and examples to get started. Just what I needed- to look at writing an ebook from a simplified, well defined approach.”

You’re About to Learn a Writing Secret So Controversial Your English Teacher Probably Refused to Tell You

Many books claim you can write an ebook quickly, but this one actually shows you how. Others just say to spend X number of days writing, and they wish you luck, but this book teaches you a method of writing that can actually make it happen. You’ll learn a way to lay out what you have to say that makes writing an ebook as easy as connecting the dots.

Some readers have bought copies for their high school and college students to teach them how to write essays and research papers!

Writing: 25 Writing Tips & Writing Skills for Writing Fiction & Content Writing

Learn to Write 300% Faster: Like Your Life Depends On It!
Good writing is fast writing, and fast writing is easy. Much easier than you think.

Anyone can learn to write fast. Seriously fast. Even as fast as you talk. This book will teach you how. And it will teach you why! Why you should put this skill above almost all others in your life. Especially if you’re in business, if you blog, if you have a story or two inside you, or if you simply feel an urge to write. It’s incredibly important that you learn the skill of not just writing, but fast writing.

In Writing 300% Faster: Like Your Life Depends On It you will learn:The nine most common mistakes which will slow down your writingSeven killer keys to write fasterA 5-minute trick that will instantly double your writing speedHow to write a book in 2 days without touching a keyboardYou won’t believe how quickly this action and gem-filled ebook was written! The author not only describes how to write a

eBooks: 77 mistakes to avoid when writing an eBook

When you work without a plan, you will encounter time-wasting problems that delay the eBook and often result in an eBook that is never ready to be published. When you follow the plan in this eBook, you cam focus on one task at a time so you won’t be overwhelmed by the scope of the entire project. You will only spend money only when needed to complete the current task. And, you will only invest time learning new skills when they are needed to complete the current task.

Also, working on one task at a time means avoiding common problems means a string of successes instead of failures. In addition, if you fail at some task, you will know what kind of expert you need to find to resolve the current problem.

Ebooks: Secrets To Getting Ahead (Indie Authors Guide Book 1)

If it’s your goal to become a self-published writer, this guide will walk you through every step of the publishing process. Whether you’re a first timer or have already put out an e-book or two, you will learn the tricks of the trade to make sure your books are in the best position to be found by readers.

You’ll Learn Inside:

Getting Started

Is Time on Your Side?

Using Microsoft Word

Pick a Topic



Rough Draft


Create a Landing Page

Ebook Cover


Promote Your Work

10 Proven Tips to Help You on Your Journey

Writing Checklist

Questions You May Ask Yourself

Don’t waste time. Ebooks: Secrets To Getting Ahead is only a click away.

The Non-Fiction Formula: How to Write an eBook

How to Make Money Writing a Kindle Book in the Next 24 DaysDo you find yourself falling into one of these categories? You want to write, but don’t know how to get started.You want to make your writing process go faster, but don’t want to burn yourself out.You want to write a book that provides more value than those of your competitors.You want to have an army of eBooks working for you and making you money automatically.If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I have good news for you.In my book, The Non-Fiction Formula, I show you a simple plan to successfully write and publish Kindle books on Amazon in 24 days – a book that readers love, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a good writer.The topics include finding bestselling book topic ideas, researching, outlining, writing tips, designing a book cover, publishing, and marketing. Each step is designed in a way that helps you to both enjoy the writing and finish your book quickly.Here’s what you’re go

Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond, Brief Edition, 3/e

Writing: A Guide for College and
Beyond uses written instruction and visual tools to teach
students how to read, write, and research effectively for different

Lester Faigley’s clear and inviting
teaching style and Dorling Kindersley’s accessible and
striking design combine to give students a textbook that shows them
what readers and writers actually do.  Unique and dynamic
presentations of reading, writing, and research processes in the
text bring writing alive for students and speak to students with
many learning styles.  Throughout the book, students are
engaged and learning, with such notable features as “process
maps” to guide students through the major writing
assignments, extensive examples of student “Writers at
work,” and diverse, distinctive reading selections.

The 5 Minute Writer: The 5 Minute Writing Technique For Fiction and Non-fiction That Will Change Your Author Career Forever

Writer’s write!

If you ever ask yourself the question Why in the world can I get myself to write? then this book is for you.

It is short and straight to the point. After reading the book, you will have an exact plan on how to start and finish your book.

Writing Novels for a Living: An enjoyable way to earn an income with your talent (Kindle Quickreads)

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In this edition of the Kindle Quickread series, Rand Bennett gives us a beginner’s guide that shows us both “how” and “why” we should consider using our writing talents to write novels for a living. In this Internet and eBook era, getting started with this process is easier than ever.

Have you ever considered writing novels? Do you have a few that are nearly completed, but you aren’t sure what to do with them? How different would your life be if you were able to partially or completely support yourself through your writing?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Why is now the perfect time to begin writing novels for a living?

How can you turn your love for writing into a

How To Make A Living As A Writer: Make Money From Home and Be Your Own Boss (How to Make Money Online Book 1)

How To Make A Living As A WriterA Full Guide on How To Make Money and a Living as a Writer. Making money as a freelance writer is growing in popularity more and more each day. Writers are now finding ways to make an income to not only support themselves but also their families. With the growing demand of ebooks and blogs, may writers can now enjoy what they love and keep improving their skills with each job. This book will give you plenty of tips and tricks on improving your skill or if you are just starting out as a writer. Browse through to find an adequate, helpful and a clear work-through that can assist you in developing the skills of writing and starting a successful career.In my book How To Make A Living As A Writer you will find the following sections as you work your way through the book,Top Secrets of Writing SuccessHow to Reach Your Goals as a WriterBig Mistakes to Avoid in WritingHow to Create Multiple Streams of Income Through WritingInside the pages of this book you

Writing ebooks

Different types of ebooks are available on internet. There are many devices through which ebooks could be read. Many sites are providing ebooks for free. Many ebooks are providing information on different topics. Some ebooks are written in the form of series. These are provided for free as the first part and there is a small price for the second part.

Ebooks are written with copyright protection and it is not allowed to copy the ebooks and publish it as own without the permission of the author. Many professionals are writing ebooks and selling the copyrights for others so that they can get paid once.