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Laptops vs Chromebooks: what you should know

So, you have noticed that some Chromebooks look really sleek, and they are less expensive in comparison with traditional laptops. But is a Chromebook the perfect solution for all your needs? Here are several important aspects that should be considered before taking the decision to purchase one.

To begin with, all Chromebooks utilize Google's Chrome browser. They use the browser for most tasks, because these types of computers rely on Google's services and utilize Chrome apps.

If you explore the link, you will discover hundreds of applications that can be installed on your Chromebook for free. Here are a few examples: Dropbox, Office Online, Google Calendar, OneNote Web Clipper, Sumo Paint, etc.

If you are familiar with Windows-based applications, you may have noticed that all those apps will usually run inside a browser, and this is exactly what's happening on Chromebooks as well. So, if most of your activities involve an Internet connection, a Chromebook may be the perfect solution.

On the other hand, if your activities require desktop applications which don't have online versions, you should go for a traditional laptop.

Google has understood that this limitation will significantly diminish the potential of its Chrome-based devices, so it has rewritten an important part of the operating system, allowing it to run Android apps as well. This means that if you've got a Google Play Store account, you will be able to run all your apps on a Chromebook. So, if you've got a favorite app or game that was only able to run on a smart phone or tablet, now you can run it on a laptop as well – as long as that laptop is a Chromebook, of course.

Another huge plus is that these browser-based laptops are inexpensive. You can buy a great device for $300 or so; you'd need to pay close to $1000 to get the same build quality and features for a traditional laptop. Chromebooks are also much more secure in comparison with their Windows counterparts, so you won't ever have to worry about installing antiviruses and/or other malware prevention applications.

However, if you want to use applications such as Microsoft Visual Studio, 3D Studio Max, etc. then a Chromebook won't be good enough. If your application can't run in the Chrome browser, or isn't available on the Android platform, it simply won't run on your Chromebook!

Also, if you want to store a lot of data locally, Google's laptops aren't the perfect solution, because they only come with 32 GB SSDs. It is true that you can store your data in the cloud, but this could cause problems if you want to get instant access to the data and, for some reason, you don't have an active wireless network near you.

Still not sure what to do? Then, visit the Chrome app store and see if you can find online equivalents for all the applications that are crucial for you. If you can't find them all, it's better to go for a traditional laptop. However, if most of your activities can be done online, a Chromebook will help you get things done faster, while also doubling as a high-quality Android tablet that can run all the apps in your Google Play Store account.