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How to fight email scammers

Did you know that one of the first email-based frauds in the world, the "Nigerian Prince" scam, is also known as "419"? That number is, in fact, assigned to Nigeria's Criminal Code section which deals with fraud. The phenomena is so widespread that it made people create sites like this, which deal with these so-called "princes"...


How to improve your Wi-Fi

It may be surprising, but wireless communication is far from being perfect, even though the technology was invented more than two decades ago. Many individuals continue to experience sudden network disconnects, or strive (and often times fail) to open high-resolution videos and/or play modern online games on their wireless devices. Fortunately, there are several methods that allow people to improve the quality of their Wi-Fi networks. Here are the most effective ones...


How to outsmart your smart TV

Let me tell you a secret: your smart TV may be spying on you right now! Back in the day, television sets were only supposed to display pictures, instead of taking pictures of us and whatever we are watching, and then send them who knows where...


How to spot a phony social media influencer

People who manage Facebook pages for various businesses have discovered that the number of fans who view and interact with their blog posts has significantly decreased during the last few years. It all began in 2014, when Facebook's VP of advertising technology noticed that too many people are publishing content, and this was cluttering Facebook's newsfeed. So, the company has decided to do something about it. Others have stated that Facebook has reduced its users' organic reach because it wants them to purchase more ads...


Laptops vs Chromebooks: what you should know

So, you have noticed that some Chromebooks look really sleek, and they are less expensive in comparison with traditional laptops. But is a Chromebook the perfect solution for all your needs? Here are several important aspects that should be considered before taking the decision to purchase one...